Pami Antiquities buys and sells works of art from all over the world and every period

Pami Antiquities offers a wide range of works of art from artists from all over the world and pe-riods. From paintings to sculptures, from fine publishings to photography, ancient works and limited editions.

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Do you want to sell an ancient object that you own or have recently inherited?

Pami Antiquities purchases works of art after a careful historical and cultural appraisal. Before pur-chasing a piece of furniture, a painting or any artwork in general, we appraise it for free. We deal with single objects, entire collections, and inheritances of antique furniture and art.

Pami Antiquities purchases antique furnitureb>, antiquities and antiques, and valuable paintings from private sellers. We are always interested in buying high-quality antiques such as exclusive art objects and works signed by well-known authors, works of the Grand Tour, micromosaics, ancient paintings from the 17th to the early 20th century, paintings depicting views, religious scenes, paintings of hi-storical importance, antiques and Art Deco sculptures, bookends, antique glass, animal art, antique frames, Empire clocks, 18th-century antique furniture such as flaps and trumeau, sofas, wardrobes and chests of drawers, display cabinets, bedside tables, and antique dressers, antique gilded mirrors, Chinese and oriental art, mirrors, antique ceramics and porcelain, antique prints, woodcuts and li-thographs, sculptures in marble and other precious materials, antique bronzes and much more. 

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The Pami Antiquities Gallery is synonymous with quality and refinement. Works of all periods are certified and guaranteed by over 30 years of experience in the field.

Pami Antiquities buys throughout Italy and Europe.
We are serious buyers who buy directly on-site with immediate payment and professionalism.

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    Do you want to sell a work of art in your possession?

    Pami Antiquities offers a professional evaluation and expertise service for every type of work and antique.

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